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Welcome to
Kefauver Financial Planning
& Wealth Management

A tradition of care for the mindful investor.

Financial planning and investment services for families and professionals in the Maryville and Knoxville, TN, area and throughout the United States online. Call us today: (865) 268-9585.

Meet Russ Kefauver, AWMA®, CRPC®

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From more than ten years of financial planning and service,
we are convinced of three simple things:

Successful investing supports your Big Ideas.

It involves consistent action toward life-long financial goals with a written, well-designed, and easy to understand financial plan.

Unsuccessful investing usually results from the Big Mistake.

Over-reaction to stress, news, or market extremes can cause us to lose sight of our long-term plans and possibilities.

Smart planning helps you enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures.

A flexible, comprehensive financial plan provides reassurance as you move closer toward enjoying the fruits of your labor.


How can we help you?

From client service to our fiduciary responsibilities, we place a great deal of importance on the above three ideas, and on your trust in our work together. Kefauver Financial Planning & Wealth Management tends to focus on the needs of families and professionals, especially those in the eight critical years before retirement. We work with those who look to us for serious planning and investment assistance. We’ll strive to give you the attentiveness deserving of that important honor.


Kefauver Office1020 William Blount Dr.
Maryville, TN 37801
Tel: 865-268-9585
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Have important financial or investment concerns? Maybe a tricky retirement question or two needing answers from a financial planner? Let’s get together and talk about it. We're available in person, on the phone, or online. If you’re in the Maryville or Knoxville area, we're happy to meet casually at your location, or our office. A second opinion from our firm is always free and there’s never an obligation.

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